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The DENVER II Online

The DENVER II Online is a web based version of the DENVER II which will guide you through the complete administration of all test items on the DENVER II. It is available in 2 formats, “Text-Based” or “Visual.” Please click here for the difference between the 2 formats.

In order to administer the test you will need your DENVER II Test Kit (#2118) to proceed. If you need to order a kit you may do so by calling (800) 419-4729. Information is also available at

As with the paper version of the test, the DENVER II Online consists of 125 tasks, or items, which are arranged in four sectors:

  • Personal-Social – getting along with people and caring for personal needs.
  • Fine Motor-Adaptive – eye-hand coordination, manipulation of small objects, and problem solving
  • Language – hearing, understanding, and using language
  • Gross Motor – sitting, walking, jumping, and overall large muscle movement
After purchasing, access will be granted. You will be directed to the password protected site where you will be prompted to enter information to create your personal account and password.

The site is HIPAA compliant, assuring patient privacy.

Once you have set up your account you are ready to begin testing by clicking on the “Testing” button.

You will be asked information about the child including the child’s birth date and, if applicable, prematurity. Once this information is entered the age will be calculated and the items to be administered automatically determined. You will then have your choice to create a “Text-Based Test” or a “Visual Test.” To access the “Visual Test”, you will need to download Microsoft Silverlight as prompted. Microsoft Silverlight is not needed to access the “Text-Based Test.” Please click here for more details on the difference between the 2 formats.

Once the test is completed the results page may be printed out, saved and uploaded to a PDF file for your EMR or stored online for access via the DENVER II Online site with your password. Online access allows you to view the completed visual test at anytime in the future as long as you have unused test remaining in your account.